Make a commitment to get organized!

Finding a place to start can feel really overwhelming and incredibly challenging. At Anatomy Gifts Registry our expertly trained and compassionate staff put donors and donor families first. We make it a strict priority to ensure everyone considering donation have all the facts to make an informed decision. We also work with other organizations and programs serving the community including hospitals, hospices, chaplains, home health care agencies, assisted living facilities, organ banks, medical examiner offices, funeral homes, and many others engaged in meeting the needs of those trying to make End-of-Life decisions.

Call Anatomy Gifts Registry at 800-300-5433 to request information about Whole Body Donation. Please visit to find additional resources to help guide you and your family through your planning.

If you, your family, or your organization are interested in touring Anatomy Gifts Registry, we can easily accommodate this request. AGR’s Education & Outreach team are also available to come onsite to help  provide training for your staff about the option of whole body donation. To set up either, contact us at 800-300-5433 or