Safe and Applicable Tissues

AGR maintains an inventory of several types of tissues and has the ability to meet diverse research criteria, such as a particular age range, bone quality, and social history. We are now able to scan specimens in advance using X-ray, CT, or fluoroscopy, upon request, to ensure the presence/ absence of certain conditions, to map out surgeries, or for the design of implants.

All tissues are obtained through Anatomy Gifts Registry’s Whole Body Donor Program and are serologically tested for the presence of the following contagious diseases; Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and Syphilis. AGR also obtains a detailed medical and social history for all of our donors in order to accurately place tissues for various research and educational purposes. These medical and social history synopses and serology test results can be sent electronically before an official request is placed and these are also sent with the selected tissues.

Customer Service

AGR client services staff have extensive experience in clinical applications and the medical field and can help you determine what types of tissues will best meet your needs. We put customer service at the highest priority and try to answer all communications, including questions, requests for estimates, feasibility discussions, and application requests, within 1 business day.

Cost Saving Options

AGR does not require tissues to be returned to us after use, but only mandates that applicants use methods that adhere to local laws. This can save on costs. If local methods aren’t available, you can have them shipped back to us for disposition at our facility.

Experience and Expertise

AGR staff has extensive experience in this industry and are adept at setting up shipments both domestically and globally, and can handle a variety of regional regulatory concerns.

Support for the Medical Device Industry

AGR maintains a network of sites across the U.S. and internationally wherein which cadaver labs can be held. If you have an area in mind, we can help!